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Jones & Associates in Denton are here for all of your estate planning and probate needs, whether you are overseeing the distribution of a loved ones legacy or planning for your last wishes. We provide legal services in Denton, Dallas, and Collin Counties. The firms office is located in Denton and we are willing to travel throughout surrounding areas as needed.

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Those who wish to develop a will, trust, medical directive, power of attorney, or otherwise prepare to leave a legacy are invited to contact our office. Let us draft your initial estate planning documents or update your legal documents after a life changing event. We are also available to act as advisers during the sometimes stressful probate process.

How a Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Can Help

If you die without leaving a will, a probate court will distribute your assets according to Texas state law. During probate all assets will be gathered, all of the decedents bills will be paid, and the court will distribute remaining assets. Texas law sets out how remaining assets are divided among your surviving spouse, children, siblings, or parents.

The probate process can be confusing and lengthy, and cause added strain to loved ones during a time when they are vulnerable. Developing an estate plan will save your loved ones from unnecessary pain and suffering.

If you wish to pass assets on to grandchildren, stepchildren who were never formally adopted, close friends, or a favorite charity, you need to prepare a will that dictates who should receive what after your death.

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